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Visit and discovery Of Aveyron and Cevennes

There is much to discover from your campsite in Millau

Spending your holiday at camping du Viaduc is an opportunity to discover the riches of the Aveyron and the Cevennes. Such as the regional park of Grands Causses, the gorges of the TARN and the JONTE, the characteristic villages, and the many sporting activities that will certainly tempt you to go out exploring.

Viaduc de Millau More than just a bridge over the Tarn River

One of the main attractions of the Midi-Pyrénées, the Millau-Viaduct spans the Tarn Valley, west of Millau. The Millau-Viaduc project became the key-element to extend the A75 motorway, to connect the centre of the country with Montpellier, on a pharaonic scale. Not obvious, but it was worth waiting for. This cable-stayed bridge, among the highest in the world is an architectural masterpiece which proudly spans the 2460 meters that separates the Larzac-plateau from the Causse-Rouge. One can discover the visitor-centre Espace Viaduc as well as the Air de Brocuéjouls at the edge of the Causse-Rouge. However, one of the most stunning views is to be found above the Peyre village (listed among “The Most Beautiful Villages of France”).

Gorges du Tarn A canyon carved by the Tarn

The Tarn has created one of the most beautiful landscapes in France. Words are missing to describe the beauty of the Gorges du Tarn. Before the Tarn arrives in Millau, the river has already cut a deep gorge through the limestone plateaus of the Grands Causses. She has sculpted a breathtaking canyon that is dominated by high rock cliffs, where vultures nest. With the canoe on the water or walking over the rocks, the Gorges are a feast for the eyes. Where the curves of the river allow you can discover the beautiful villages with natural stone houses, full of authentic charm, such as Ste Enimie or la Malène.

Canoe the Soulio Gorges du Tarn by canoe

The Gorges du Tarn is an exceptional setting for a canoe trip. The Gorges du Tarn can be discovered from the tops of the dazzling cliffs or the road. Canoeing, however, is undoubtedly the best way to appreciate the awesome landscapes of these gorges, carved into the limestone cliffs of the Grands Causses. The Canoës Soulio propose two tours of different lengths, starting at Ste Enimie or La Malène.

Aven Armand A cave with huge proportions

The Aven Armand has an impressive and rich collection of drip stones. It is hard to imagine what an impression this extraordinary cave made on the team of speleologists when  discovered . To begin with, its dimensions. This cavity is located a few dozen meters below the surface of the Causse Méjean and is large enough to house the Notre Dame of Paris. Because of its beauty too: it is a real forest of drip stones (stalagmites and stalactites) that await the visitor. Recently we have got access to the immense hall with a funicular. The magic of the formations sculpted by water and time is enhanced by a subtle play of light.

Les caves de Roquefort A world-renowned cheese

This standard bearer of French cheeses  comes from the Aveyron. Legend tells that the Roquefort cheese was created by a shepherd who had forgotten his bread and milk in a cool and drafty cave overlooking the village of Roquefort. Whether this is true or not, the discovery of this oh so special cheese became a blessing for the region. Even better, this cheese quickly became a worldwide emblem. The natural cellars of the major brands (Papillon, Société, Gabriel Coulet, ...) can be visited and invite you for a tasting.

La Couvertoirade A Templar village in the heart of the Larzac plateau

Behind its city walls, la Couvertoirade immerses us in the Middle Ages. The fortified village, built by the Templars in the Middle Ages, pops up in the middle of the de Larzac plateau. It has preserved its authentic character throughout the centuries. Even around his fortified walls few or no recent constructions have seen the light, but especially the inside has not changed since the time of the war monks. With a walk on the defensive ramparts you can discover the village from above. Just outside the walls one is still restoring a windmill and you will also find the largest "lavogne" of the Larzac, these natural stone-paved ponds are still being used by the shepherd to let his sheep flock drink.

Park Le Theil A petting zoo and walking park

The Parc le Theil invites you to come and discover a lot of nice house and farm animals. This children's farm / walking park is located on the border of the Larzac et the Hérault, in the village of Le Caylar. This is not about tigers or lions but about pets from all over the world. Along a beautiful walk of 1.7 km you will meet pets from all over the world: Lama's from Peru and pigs from Vietnam live together with poultry and cattle with strange horns, but also camels and rabbits.

Cave of Dargilan The pink cave

The "pink" cave of Dargilan is the largest in the Causses and Cevennes region. In these gigantic underground spaces one can admire the richness and variety of limestone with highly accentuated natural colors and shapes, such as a Drapery (curtain), unique in the world (2000 m² area in one piece).